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March 18th 2020 – 5:00PM – MDRG COVID-19 UPDATE

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly:

Terry Corless
[email protected]

Aaron Selinkoff
[email protected]


We urge you to sign up for unemployment with the Texas Workforce Commision (TWC) sooner rather than later!

Link to Texas Workforce Commission (TWC):

More info regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and TWC:


Below is the information you should use if you file a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission for unemployment:

Contact person for all companies:

Joan Zezula
210-342-9632 phone
210-342-9698 fax

If you were working for Mad Dogs British Pub:
Employer is MD Bevco Inc
4714 Shavano Oak #2
San Antonio, TX  78249

If you were working for Bier Garten:
Employer is Crazy Sam’s Seafood, Inc
4714 Shavano Oak #2
San Antonio, TX 78249

If you were working for On the Bend:
Employer is MD Riverwalk, LLC
4714 Shavano Oak #2
San Antonio, TX  78249

If you were working for Maddy McMurphy’s:
Employer is TSP, Inc
4714 Shavano Oak #2
San Antonio, TX 78249

03/19/2020 – 5:25am – TEMP JOBS

HEB are currently offering temp jobs:

Costco is also offering temp jobs

Favor is looking for drivers in the San Antonio Area and are offering signup bonuses:

03/19/2020 – 1:30PM – SCAMMERS

Please be on the look out for scammers texting you or emailing you links regarding your $1000 assistance checks.

03/19/2020 – 1:40PM – MDRG SMS/TXT ALERTS

Sign up for Mad Dogs Restaurant Group Staff SMS/TXT message alerts sent direct to your phone by clicking on the link below:

Or by sending a SMS/TXT message:


03/20/2020 – 4:40PM – WALMART ARE HIRING

Ryan Simpson (OTB) has just advised us that all Walmart’s are hiring for all positions on the spot!

Similar related news:

03/21/2020 – 11:40AM – Vitamin C

Terry said that he has seen a few sources that recommends you should up your intake of Vitamin C to help protect your immune system. Drinking something as simple as hot water with three slices of lemon can help, additionally adding local honey is also believed to help against allergies. It’s worth a shot – hope that helps!

03/21/2020 – 1:00PM – Facebook Group

I’ve created our own private Facebook for anyone that is interested – Figured it could be a good resource to help us stay informed, share some thoughts, have a bit of fun or more importantly if anyone need’s anything let us know so we can help each other out! 👊


03/23/2020 – 9:45PM – CPS Energy & SAWS Bills Help

San Antonio Local Government is providing assistance towards CPS and SAWS bills more info here:

You can also complete the application online too:

04/15/2020 – 10:12PM – Stimulus Checks, Unemployment, and Meal Kits

Stimulus Checks
Good news, we are hearing that people are receiving their Stimulus Checks.
For more info on how much you should be receiving click here:

Additionally looks like some of our staff have started to receive unemployment – if you haven’t filed yet please do so. It’s been reported that the government is also adding an additional $600/week to peoples benefits!

Meal Kits
We are working with Culinaria to provide Meal Kits (Enough to feed 8 people) to all our staff regardless of position.
For more info please visit our Facebook page –
If you don’t use Facebook please feel free to email me [email protected]